LAR - sortie autoroute

Social seat
Menen Town Hall

Secretariat Bitlar cv
Grote Markt 1
B-8930 Menen
T +32 (0)475 - 21 38 61

Present situation of the Transport Centre LAR

At present about 50 companies and services are active at LAR. The activities of these companies cover the entire services range for which the Transport Centre LAR has been created.

At present, the total gross surface area amounts to 72 ha. The available net surface is subdivided into the following activity zones:

Early 2005, a new boost was given to the railway container transport. Leiedal appointed company Delcaterminal as exploiter of the new railway container terminal for a period of 20 years. The expansion works for this terminal started this year under the orders of Leiedal and consist of :