LAR - sortie autoroute

Social seat
Menen Town Hall

Secretariat Bitlar cv
Grote Markt 1
B-8930 Menen
T +32 (0)475 - 21 38 61

Organization of the LAR: foundation of BITLAR

On April 20, 1984 the co-operative society BITLAR (Managing Company of the International Transport Centre LAR) was founded for the management of the Transport Centre. Main purpose:

"the performance of all functions regarding the overall, coordinating management of the entire centre, including its representation, development and global promotion."

The Society consists of two groups of partners :


The first group represents the capital invested by the authorities and the public efforts to create LAR . The second group grows along with LAR, and represents the private initiative which gives LAR its force, individual character and vitality.

The interaction and coherence between these two groups is a guarantee for the objectivity, flexibility and professionalism which accompany the development of LAR.

celebration 20 years Bitlar 1984-2004

- celebration 20 years Bitlar 1984-2004 -

BITLAR is the interlocutor for negotiations with the Customs Administration, the N.M.B.S. (National Railway Company of Belgium), the Road Administration, the respective Municipalities, etc., and also the representative body in external relations and for the promotion of the Transport Centre.

Early 1992, the Municipality of Menen put premises at BITLAR's disposal in the buildings of the cattle market of LAR.